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Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA): $1M protects critical medical training at Camp Bullis in support of all three military branches


Installation Resilience

Military Service:

Joint Base
As a result of a $1M OLDCC Compatible Use investment, the local community is carrying out a number of compatible use implementation strategies to include securing approximately $5.8M in Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration funding, as well as $4.7M from Bexar County and the State of Texas to purchase 19 parcels in the clear and accident potential zones to protect critical aviation and training operations.  The City of San Antonio updated its Military Lighting Overlay District to preserve critical nighttime air and ground training at JBSA – Camp Bullis, which is the only location that provides combat medical training for each of the three military departments.  The region is working to incorporate this model at the other JBSA locations.