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Central Ohio Region: $6.8M delivers partner for additive manufacturing program at Rock Island


Industry Resilience

As a result of a $6.8M OLDCC Industry Resilience Investment, the Central Ohio Region established the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) at the Ohio State University to develop military applications using multi-material joining, weld inspection technology, and pre-painting/coating technologies.  The resulting CDME is a key contributor to the Rock Island Arsenal’s Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, which has been charged with developing an additive manufacturing program for the Army. The CDME has developed several technologies with the potential to improve the military repair part fabrication process, including: rapid-response field-based low-cost additive manufacturing, creating functionally graded additively manufactured components using tandem gas metal arc welding, and tailoring the microstructure and performance of cast components using hybrid additive-manufactured molds.