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Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Engagement

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Tara Butler
Principal for Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Engagement
(703) 697-2074

Mary Catherine Ott
Associate Principal for Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Engagement
(703) 697-2130

National security requires a ‘Whole of Government’ approach.  The Department of Defense's Federal agency partners, states, territories, localities, non-profit groups, and the private sector play a critical role in mission readiness and economic security.  Supporting and protecting our nation’s defense activities and men and women in uniform goes far beyond the military fence line. 

To effectively and efficiently address the pressing and complex security challenges this nation faces, the Department of Defense must enlist the support of stakeholders at all levels of government and industry.  A primary goal of this program is to assist states, territories, counties, municipalities, regions, and other communities to foster cooperation with military installations to:

  • enhance the military mission;
  • achieve facility and infrastructure savings and reduced operating costs;
  • address encroachment and compatible land use issues;
  • support military families; and,
  • increase military, civilian, and industrial readiness and resiliency.

The Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation's Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Engagement program is the foundation for the success of all our activities.  The program leverages, integrates, and amplifies the goals and activities of all our program activities to ensure defense priorities benefit from the synergy created by a diverse and crosscutting set of stakeholders.  For instance, the Economic Adjustment Committee coordinates all our Federal partners on economic, workforce, manufacturing, environmental, and infrastructure challenges and opportunities to better the National Defense Strategy.