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Installation Resilience

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For more information about the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation and the Installation Resilience program of assistance, please contact:

Margit Myers
Program Activity Lead - Installation Resilience
(703) 901-7622

Patricia Gray
Program Activity Lead – Compatible Use
(703) 697-2216

The Installation Resilience program of assistance is designed to provide technical and financial assistance to states and local governments to analyze and implement actions necessary to foster, protect, and enhance military installation sustainability. This program encompasses the previous Compatible Use/Joint Land Use Study program as well as the recently authorized Installation Resiliency Authority.

The program alleviates and prevents incompatible development and/or other man-made or natural installation resiliency activities likely to impair the continued operational utility of a Department of Defense installation, range, special use air space, military operations area, or military training route. The program enables states and local governments to assist installations to optimize their mission and sustain their installation, and enhances the long-term readiness and military value of the power projection platform.

Historically, military installations were located in remote areas, due largely to the availability of land and for security purposes. Over time, installations drew both people and businesses closer to the fence line to take advantage of civilian job opportunities the installation offered and provide the goods and services to support the installation’s operations. In some cases, the increased number of people and civilian development has affected the military’s ability to effectively train and accomplish the mission.

Military installation resilience is defined as the capability of a military installation to avoid, prepare for, minimize the effect of, adapt to, and recover from extreme weather events, or from anticipated or unanticipated changes in environmental conditions, that do, or have the potential to, adversely affect the military installation or essential transportation, logistical, or other necessary resources outside of the military installation that are necessary in order to maintain, improve, or rapidly reestablish installation mission assurance and mission-essential functions.

This program is designed to help communities make informed decisions by enabling states and communities to partner with local commands to respond to, address, and mitigate activities that are either impairing or likely to impair the use of the installation. When done successfully, it increases military value of the installation by preserving the military mission.

If your community has not completed a Compatible Use Study in the last five years, you should consider the benefits of conducting one or updating your previous study.