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Industry Resilience

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For more information about the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation and the Industry Resilience program of assistance, please contact:

Elizabeth "Liz" Chimienti
Program Activity Lead - Diversification
(703) 901-7644

Seth Isenberg
Program Activity Lead – Industry Transition
(703) 409-9360

The Industry Resilience program assists communities as they respond to defense changes, specifically a cancelled contract or the failure to proceed with a previously approved weapons system.  On a larger scale, since the enactment of the Budget Control Act, defense spending decreased by $119B from Fiscal Year 2012 to 2018.  In many cases, these reductions in defense spending directly affect the defense manufacturing base and can also trigger assistance provided under this program.

With Industry Resilience assistance, state and local partners can help defense manufacturers develop and manufacture new product offerings, capture new investments, and develop new technologies.  These efforts help modernize our military and maintain a technological edge against its adversaries. 

In addition to assistance with economic adjustment and recovery, the Industry Resilience program helps communities strengthen the economic and cyber resiliency of local defense industry supply chains. In today’s globalized marketplace, the defense industrial base is a core national security asset. By supplying military forces with the best equipment, most advanced technologies, and the highest level of service, local defense suppliers are critical to the modernization and readiness of the warfighter.