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Diversification & Modernization

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Melanie Stover
Diversification & Modernization Program Activity Lead


The Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation’s Diversification & Modernization program presents states and communities with the opportunity to plan and carry out strategies: 1) to lessen local dependencies on defense spending; and/or, 2) to leverage civilian infrastructure and services to enable a more capable installation and/or modernized manufacturing/defense industrial base ecosystem. This program replaces OLDCC’s former Industry Resilience program and includes the activities that were previously supported under that program. States and communities can expect Diversification & Modernization support to enable local organizing, planning, and implementation actions to benefit the local economy as well as the Department’s modernization mission -- allowing the communities, workers, and businesses that sustain our nation’s defense to collaboratively develop initiatives to maintain the nation’s competitiveness.

States and communities are eligible to request support to plan and carry out these community adjustment and economic diversification activities if a substantial portion of a geographic area’s economy and/or labor force is dependent on defense expenditures.  The technical assistance starts with a dedicated project manager who serves as an applicant’s go-to resource, providing guidance throughout the entire process, including bringing other Federal agencies and Department of Defense components to the table. 

The program allows project managers to work with potential grantees in determining what program activity is most appropriate for a community, and then to provide guidance during the application process.