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Timothy "Tim" Robert
Program Activity Lead - Growth
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Hiwot Gebremariam
Program Activity Lead - Roads
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Gary Kuwabara
Program Activity Lead - Pacific Readiness
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The Construction program enables states and communities to undertake necessary investments in public services and infrastructure to support the readiness and lethality of installations, as well as to provide safe places for services members and their families to live, work, and play. Current efforts support the management of civilian activities to absorb announced mission growth and investments in infrastructure such as the improvement of roads to medical facilities, and outside-the-fence investments in infrastructure.

Funding for the organizing and planning of necessary public services and infrastructure is derived from the Office of Defense Local Community Cooperation regular program lines of assistance, while investments in the construction of public facilities is through authorization and appropriations with specific authority for construction of the improvements.

The Construction program equips communities to organize, evaluate, and plan for appropriate community investments that support the sustainability, readiness, and growth of a military mission at an installation.  These planning efforts support a host community’s ability to carry out needed public infrastructure improvements.