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Manage Your Grant

Deadline Approaching: FY24 DCIP Proposals due June 17, 2024. Click here for more information.

Grant Management & Administration

State and local governments, and instrumentalities of local government, are eligible for OLDCC grant assistance as they respond to Defense industry actions, such as base closures or realignments, changes in Defense contracts, or address land use compatibility with the military.

OLDCC Grants Portal

NOTE: The OLDCC Grants Portal is only accessible for communities with an existing relationship with OLDCC.

Grant Resources

Below is a list of grant resources and the federal statutes that guide OLDCC funding and federal grant law for OLDCC grantees.

  • If you are an OLDCC Grantee, click here for a quick overview of using the OLDCC Grants Portal.
  • For the latest version of the OLDCC Grants Portal Grantee Guide, click here to download.
  • For an overview on submitting an application on the OLDCC Grants Portal, click here.
  • Payment Management System: The Payment Management System is a tool to help OLDCC grant recipients draw down funds

Grant Terms and Conditions

Code of Federal Regulations

New Grants

Grants issued after December 26, 2014, must follow the Department of Defense’s interim implementation of OMB’s 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards at which consolidates and supersedes OMB Circulars A-102, 2 CFR Part 215 (A-110), A-133, A-50, A-89 in addition to 2 CFR 215, 220 (A-21), 225 (A-87), and 230 (A-122)


Existing Grants


Grants issued prior to December 26, 2014, must comply with the Department of Defense Grant and Agreement Regulations (DoDGARs) which can be found at 32 CFR Part 32 (Non-Profit Organizations) and 32 CFR Part 33 (for States and Local Governments). In addition to other rules and regulations and OMB Circulars in effect prior to December 26, 2014, which include but are not limited to the following:

Forms for Active Grants

Other Useful Websites