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Fort Hunter Liggett closes in on Net Zero goals


Date: Monday, June 28, 2021
Source: Staff Report
Fort Hunter Liggett closes in on Net Zero goals

JOLON — Fort Hunter Liggett recently conducted a groundbreaking ceremony to build a $21.6 million electrical microgrid, which will make it the first Army installation to achieve Net Zero for critical operations.

That means it will be capable of generating and distributing electricity for 14 days of energy resiliency. It is an important first step in scaling this type of energy self-sufficiency throughout the Department of Defense.

“This microgrid expansion will allow us to reach our Net Zero goals by 2022,” said Col. Charles Bell, FHL garrison commander, at the May 27 ceremony. “Although we’re an Army Reserve installation, we see a lot of activity from the active Army, Navy, Special Warfare Group, and it’s critical that we’re able to continue to provide this platform to all these units that train here.”

FHL’s energy, waste and water resiliency and sustainability projects have earned high-level attention in the past decade, and thus, been selected as part of a handful of installations to provide a White House Virtual Tour to showcase its accomplishments.

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