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Deputy Defense Secretary Evaluates Effects of Climate on Military Operations

Date: Monday, April 12, 2021
Source: C. Todd Lopez , DOD News
Deputy Defense Secretary Evaluates Effects of Climate on Military Operations

During a windshield tour of Naval Air Station Pensacola on April 8 in Florida, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen H. Hicks saw firsthand the damage caused by last year's Hurricane Sally to the home of the Navy's Blue Angels.

Around the installation, wind had damaged the roofs of historical homes, making some uninhabitable. Trees were felled, windows were broken, and there was flooding and power outages base-wide.

Overall, the air station suffered about $450 million in damages. Twenty-seven football fields worth of temporary blue roofing now covers many facilities. While the NAS Pensacola and Navy Region Southeast teams have managed to keep operations running at the air base, which trains about 59,000 students a year, the 2021 hurricane season still looms in the near future.

View the Full Article: https://www.defense.gov/Explore/News/Article/Article/2568727/deputy-defense-secretary-evaluates-effects-of-climate-on-military-operations/

Sailors arrive with equipment and supplies at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., Sept. 19, 2020, while supporting disaster relief efforts following Hurricane Sally.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen H. Hicks poses for a photo with sailors during a visit to Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., April 8, 2021.