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Manage Your Grant

Community Military Installation Resilience Nomination Process

  • OLDCC is inviting expressions of interest for Military Installation Resilience projects.
    • States, counties, municipalities, other political subdivisions of a state; special purpose units of a state or local government; other instrumentalities of a state or local government; and tribal nations are eligible if the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation determines that threats to military installation resilience are likely to impair the continued operational utility of a military installation.
    • The relevant Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance listing is CFDA 12.003, Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Responding to Threats to the Resilience of a Military Installation
  • After receiving the request for assistance, the OLDCC Program Director will determine if there is a basis for a project. Once a basis for a project has been confirmed, an OLDCC Project Manager will be assigned, who will then follow up with the State or Local government for further action.
  • OLDCC will reach out to the relevant Military Department’s Headquarters to confirm their support for the effort.  The Military Department Headquarters will ensure the Installation Commander supports the expression of interest.
  • Cost sharing is required. A minimum of ten percent (10%) of the project’s total proposed funding is to be comprised of non-Federal sources.
  • Requests for assistance may be sent to the Program Activity Lead, Margit A. Myers, at margit.a.myers.civ@mail.mil or 703-901-7622