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Acquisition & Sustainment Spotlight - June 2022

Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A&S Team,

Throughout the remainder of summer, I want to reiterate Secretary Austin’s recent message to the forceand ask that you keep safety at the forefront of your mind as you embark on any well-deserved leave. We share a responsibility to ourselves and one another to help reduce risks, and to ensure we exercise sound judgment to protect our team and communities from unique summertime hazards.

In this month’s Spotlight, we highlight the impact our Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation has on installations and surrounding communities. OLDCC’s program portfolio is currently comprised of over 200 separate grants, exceeding $1.3 billion, and represents partnerships between the Department and most states and communities that host DoD installations.

By leveraging the full capabilities of the Federal government, OLDCC helps towns, cities, and states plan and carry out a future that is both sustainable and in alignment with changes driven by the evolving military mission. In turn, OLDCC also provides value back to the Department by ensuring defense manufacturing and supply chains are agile and responsive, as well as ensuring communities can support their local military installations through sustainable economic development and other civilian activities. I invite you to learn more about some of OLDCC’s ongoing projects in the pages that follow.

Bill LaPlante


Acquisition & Sustainment Spotlight -- June 2022

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